Social Media Lab goes to Paris (hopefully!) #ica22

Results of the reviews for #ica22 came in yesterday – and we’ll be there with several talks. Most important – all PhD students got accepted with their PhD papers!

Gaiser, F. & Utz, S.: Is Hearing Really Believing? The Importance of Modality for Perceived Message Credibility During Information Search with Smart Speakers

Klein, S. & Utz, S.: How Do Agent Type, Responsiveness, and Response Time Affect the Acceptance and Perceived Performance of Chat Agents?

Reimann, L., Utz, S., & Anderl, C.: Individual and situational factors influencing behavior in professional video conferences with strangers

Wendt, R., Gaiser, F., & Utz, S.: Is this recommended by Alexa or an algorithm? Testing the algorithmic media content awareness scale for voice assistants and search engines

Wolfers, L., Wendt, R., Becker, D., & Utz, S.: Does guilt influence the effects of parental smartphone use for stress coping? Results from a mobile experience sampling study of mothers in Germany

Wolfers, L., Utz, S., Wendet, R., & Honecker, J.: Situation-, Person-, and Device-Specific Factors When Mothers Use Their Smartphones for Coping With Stress

And I’ll be on a panel about Artificial Intelligence, Decision-Making, and Communication Research: Perspectives on Individual Perception, Messages, and Methodologies together with Sonia Jawaid Shaikh, Theo Araujo, Liu Bingjie, Moniek Buijzen, & Gabi Schaap